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Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many complex considerations when it comes to a perfect smile. Everyone's smile must be assessed individuallyClick to read more 

Easy Pay Plans

We know Dentistry can sometimes be expensive. That's why Dentaltown Launceston offers no interest, no deposit, instant approval easy pay payment plans. This lets you get treatment done now, before things become worse and more expensive. Click to read more

Our range of services


Tooth Whitening

When stains are present in the tooths internal structure, tooth bleaching may be a suitable option to acheive a whiter, more brilliant smile. Click to read more 

Fresh Breath Therapy

There are various potential causes of bad breath and an individual assessment is needed. It is important to identify the cause and eliminate it.  Click to read more 

Wisdom teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth can sometimes cause discomfort or may damage adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth are usually able to be removed while the patient is awake. However, under some circumstances, it may be more suitable to have wisdom teeth removed while asleep (eg. anxiety). An individual assessment of the patient is required to assess their options. Click to read more 


Dentures may be an affordable option to address concerns regarding cosmetics and function during chewing. An individual assessment is required to determine what your options are to address your concerns. Click to read more 


Custom-fitted mouthguards can reduce brain impact in contact sports. It also reduces the chance of irreversibly damaging adult teeth and jawsClick to read more 

Sleep Apnea Devices

Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder during sleep that can predispose patients to various health issues including premature heart attacks. For patients that have signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea, they are usually referred to a sleep physician for assessment. We are involved in the process of constructing devices that may be needed to help with sleep apnea.

This may result in a better nights sleep, relief of snoring, and improvement of overall healthClick to read more



Gum Maintainence & Therapy

Gum disease is associated with various health issues including loose teeth, long-looking teeth and heart disease. It is important to stop gum problems and maintain a healthy mouth. This will help acheive a long and healthy life. Click to read more 

Children's Dentistry

Positive dental experiences earlier in life are important to ensure lifelong visits to the Dentist. We take great pride in our ability to make your childs experience a happy oneClick to read more 

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is best described as a filling that extends down into the root canal spaces of the tooth. 

Root canal therapy is sometimes a neccesary option in order to save a tooth and releive tooth discomfortClick to read more 

Family Dentistry

Our primary aim at Dentaltown is to maintain a happy and healthy smile, also keeping the body healthy. We emphasis on preventative procedures in order to prevent more costly and painful procedures later down the track.Click to read more 

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