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Our Highly Qualified Dentists


Dr. Daniel Craig Hetrelezis

Doctor of Dental Surgery, Melbourne University. 
BBiomedSc, DDS (Melbourne)


Daniel has authored two books in the field of Dentistry and all money raised goes towards his not for profit foundation.  He has written a book specifically for children titled: How Little Harriet Lived to 100.  This book is a storytelling, colouring in book aimed at simultaneously educating children and parents about how to achieve good oral hygiene and why good oral health is important. 

Most recently, Daniel has written a book specifically for the purpose of educating other dentists called: Communication for Successful Dentists.   In this book, Dan places a large emphasis on ethics and having a long term plan and goal for his patients and creating customised tailored treatment plans for people on various budgets. You can find out more on the Communication for Successful Dentists website or purchase a copy of this book through the publisher, via book depository, or through your favourite local bookstore.


in the Press

"Mowbray dentist's book on bringing smiles to dentists and patients" - The Examiner (14th March 2020)

"Catch up With Dr Dan" -  Article in Mowbray ABCDE Learning Site Community Newsletter (April 2020)

Sarah heard about Dr.Dan's great work in the community and phone interviewed him recently to find out what drives Dr.Dan in giving so much back.'  Read the rest of the article here.

My ABC radio interview (May 2022) with Helen Shields is now a national feature on ABC Everyday. Here's the link :

Here's a link to Dan's Q & A

radio interviews

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  • ABC Radio Adelaide (May 2020) 

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  • ABC Radio Hobart ( Oct 2022)

  • ABC Northern Tasmania (Oct 2023)






Dr. Dan is a 4th generation Australian, born in country Victoria. Daniel graduated from arguably the most prestigious dental school in Australia: Melbourne University.


During his training, he provided public dental services for 3 years, and graduated with honors in his final year exams. He then went on to work in several of Australia's most successful dental clinics. He has provided dentistry to remote mining towns in Western Australia all the way to high end practices in Melbourne. He has also travelled around Australia, working in over 10 other clinics, gaining experience in places like New South Wales, Perth and Brisbane.


Dental Interests

Daniel has contributed to international dental research. Along with some colleagues, he made contributions to publishing a scientific article in the prestigious Journal of Dental BiomaterialsThe article studied the response of staining on different filling materials when exposed to different beverages at different temperatures.

Dan's focus is not just the teeth, but takes a more holistic approach as an oral health physician. Dan performs all aspects of general dentistry and has a particular focus on sleep dentistry, children's dentistry, removing wisdom teeth and smile makeovers. Dan's holistic approach encompasses the entire body and it's relationship to the oral structures, known as Dental Distress Syndrome.



Daniel enjoys keeping fit by going to the gym and taking part in Martial Arts. He enjoys playing chess, DJing, travelling and watching a game of local footy. Daniel is very passionate about volunteer work and has been actively involved in helping veterans of war, doing dental volunteer work in Timor and mentoring teenagers going through challenging upbringings.  He is also the founder of a not for profit organisation aimed at helping to motivate and inspire young teenagers to be the best version of themselves.


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Click on the image above to download the first chapter of
Communication for Successful Dentists

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ABC Radio Adelaide (May 2020) 

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