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Cost of Dental treatment at Launceston Dentaltown. Who is the cheapest dentist in Launceston?

The cost of dental treatment in Launceston can vary between private Dentists. Private dentists without any private affiliation with any insurance companies have the legal right to charge at their discretion.



A consultation is required with our doctors prior to providing a quote. It is impossible to give an accurate quote without assessing the issue. 


Launceston Dentaltown will listen to you and work with you to provide you options for treatment. In dental situations, there's usually a couple of options. If you are looking for your cheapest treatment option in Launceston with our Dentists, we can help you achieve this while making sure we reach the best possible outcome. 


The cheapest dentist that you can go to in Launceston would be the public dental clinic at Kelham st. Unfortunately, public dental clinics tend to have longer waiting periods than private dental clinics and tend to have less funding available for more expensive procedures like crowns, veneers, orthodontics, implants or root canal treatment. We can offer easy pay payment plans for most people if they are eligible.


Click here to apply for an easy pay plan at Launceston Dentaltown Dental Clinic. Call us on 6326438 or book here to make an appointment. The phone number for Kelham St Dental is 1300 011 013.


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