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Why you need to drink more water to protect your teeth?

1. Water keeps your mouth clean by rinsing away harmful bacteria and food debris, drinking water fights cavities and gum disease

2. Water fights dry mouth by helping your mouth stay hydrated and stimulates saliva production.

3. Tap water helps remineralize your tooth enamel. Drinking water with fluoride, is one of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do to help prevent cavities.

4. Drinking juices and sodas are high in sugar and leave this behind on your teeth. By choosing water to replace empty-calorie drinks, you will promote full-body health.

5. Water hydrates your gums. Poor gum health can lead to gingivitis and tooth loss, and it impacts your full-body health.

If you have any dental health concerns and you would like a consult with the Launceston Dentaltown dentist, please call our clinic on (03) 6326 4368.

At Dentaltown Launceston we treat patients in all areas of dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, dentures, crowns, root canal and teeth whitening procedures.

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