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How Often Do You Need Dental Cleaning?

We all do the best we can on our own to clean our teeth. Professional teeth cleaning removes soft yellowish build-up, and hardened build-up we can’t get to.

Bacteria in the build-up grow in numbers and can lead to cavities or gum disease.

A dental clean will reduce your chance of getting cavities or gum disease.

How Often?

Launceston Dentaltown dentist recommend a recall period of six months because this to be the safest amount of time to diagnose oral health conditions at an earlier stage, when treatments or preventive care may be more effective.

However, some people are at higher risk of getting dental cavities or gum disease – and this group should get their teeth cleaned more often. People with chronic health issues such as heart conditions or diabetes will need to see their dentists more frequently because they are more prone to gum disease. People taking blood thinners and other medications, such as pills and infusions for osteoporosis, may need to visit the dentist more regularly too as these medications can complicate the process of an extraction or other dental work, so regular checks and cleans are best to help detect problems before they become serious.

Therefore visiting your Launceston Dentaltown dentist regularly helps reduce the chance of needing more complex and expensive dental treatment later on.

Touching base with the Launceston Dentaltown dentist provides that nudge we all need now and again to eat healthily, brush better and floss more often.

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