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3 Tips for Healthy Teeth at Easter

“Go on, eat that chocolate” is probably the last thing you’d expect to hear from a dentist at this time of the year. Unless they were the kind of dentist that delights in extracting teeth and money from their poor patients. We are definitely not like that here at Launceston Dentaltown, we care for all our patients and love to see them with healthy teeth and smiles.

But, we know that chocolate is a large part of Easter for many. So, how can we enjoy chocolate over Easter, without it affecting our teeth?

  1. Don’t graze on chocolate all day. From a dental perspective, it's the frequency your teeth are exposed to sugar, rather than the amount of sugar you’re eating that’s the problem. So enjoy the chocolates, but don’t be snacking on them all day.

  2. If you can’t brush your teeth after eating your bunny, at least have a glass of water. This helps rinse off the chocolate.

  3. Where possible, choose dark chocolate. There’s some evidence that chocolate with more than 70% cocoa may have some teeth health benefits, and it is usually lower in sugar.

“Go on, eat that chocolate, responsibly!”

Happy Easter everyone!

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