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Dr Dan Craig’s NEW book!

Here at Dentaltown we are so proud to announce the release of Dr Dan’s new book: Communication for Successful Dentists. It’ll be available from good bookstores Australia-wide from 1st March 2020.

Dr Dan Craig is passionate about down-to-earth, patient-centered communication. He achieved phenomenal success when, as a young dentist, he built this clinic from scratch to over 4,000 patients in only three years. His secret? Communication. This immensely practical book was born of copious notes and hours of learning and observing and has now become a must-read dental education book.

He’s hoping that this book will help new dental graduates, as well as seasoned professionals, to consider the way they communicate with their patients. In doing so, this book will help many patients to feel more respected, understood and knowledgeable about their dental procedures.

Dan will be hosting a book launch and offering his services as a guest on local radio stations.

Way to go Dr Dan!

PS. Here’s what the experts are saying:

“Having been in dentistry for over 45 years, it is indeed refreshing and exciting to read this well worked-out material… a must read for the young dentist, and a controlled and excellent guide for the experienced practitioner.”

– Dr Harry Marget, Owner of East Bentleigh Dental Group

“I have seen many, many dentists give opinions on how to build a successful and profitable practice. This book has crystallised a lot of those good ideas, added new ideas, and rejected numerous poor suggestions from the past. This book will help many dentists at the beginning of their careers to ‘Get it right the first time’.”

– Dr David Bladen

For further information please contact the clinic, or go to

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