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Caring for your toothbrush

Cleaning your Toothbrush: Some methods to clean your toothbrush: Boiling the bristles for a few minutes will kill germs and also you can soak the toothbrush in mouthwash.

Where to store your toothbrush: The best way to avoid bacteria from growing on the toothbrush is to store it upright somewhere. It’s also a good idea to keep it away from your toilet.

When To Replace Your Toothbrush: If the bristles are getting bent, worn or frayed, it’s time for a new one. Especially if they’re sticking out the wrong way, they won’t clean your teeth well. Bristles need to be straight in order to reach all the areas.

What can you do with old toothbrushes: They are great tools for cleaning hard-to-reach areas in your house, like tiles and kitchen back-splashes.

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