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Information may lead to prevention

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

While the advances in dentistry are happening at a remarkable rate, there’s still some basic things that we need to get out to the population. Information.

Information about how to look after your teeth to not only preserve the (good) condition of your teeth but to also prevent any issues from occuring.

The less damage we do to our natural teeth, the less dental treatment and money you spend. Unfortunately, nothing we do in dentistry lasts forever. Therefore, I always explain to every single new patient the importance of preventing issues from occuring by being aware of certain habits like the things we put in our mouth.

For instance: Reduce your sugar intake particularly sticky sugars. Avoid acidic drinks like energy drinks, which are the most damaging, wine (limit where possible) and soft drinks, including diet soft drink (yes, even diet soft drink are acidic).

But, the cheapest and most effective way to look after your mouth is actually maintaining them through regular check ups, a balanced diet and proper cleaning practices.

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