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Dr Dan's Sports Appliance

The Dr. Dan sports appliance helps correct your bite, protect teeth and gain performance. Read more..


- Increase weightlifting tolerance

- Increased reps and range of motion

- Increases punching power for sports like MMA and boxing

- Makes you flexible for YOGA

- Less fatigue and more speed to run or ride bikes

*Individual performance may vary



Rutgers University which specialises in exercises conducted the study where 22 college students and professional athletes were given 1 standard appliance and 1 performance enhancing appliance. After testing in multiple athletes, Rutgers released a research paper on proper jaw alignment and concluded it had a definite positive impact on athletic performance.

Research shows achieving proper jaw alignment for athletes to perform at their peak athletic potential and not based on cortisol theory or placebo effect e.g. balance bracelet or other presumed 'fad' product.


How does it work?

-Most people have alignment & balance issues due to grinding, missing teeth or a misaligned bite.

-The pressure on the cervical spine and cranial nerves results in misbalance of the body.

-These make it impossible to perform at your peak athletic potential if your alignment is not corrected.

-The Dr. Dan sports appliance can correct, align & stabilize your jaw by enhancing performance with less fatigue and injuries.


Dr. Dan sports appliance also increases:




-Range of motions

-Increased oxygen

-Grinding protection.


If you are interested in reading the research paper, below is the attached file and link.

Download PDF • 1.64MB


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