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Launceston Dentaltown  provides digital dentistry of the highest level of modern technology.

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The advancements in digital dentistry have made the dental profession faster, safer, more comfortable, and more reliable than before.

Dentaltown offers different types of digital dentistry to every aspect of oral care from the moment you start your appointment to diagnosis, treatment, follow- ups etc.

Some digital dentistry tools we use are the following:

  • Digital X-rays

 Digital X-rays are faster and the images are immediately available on the computer screen. The files are stored on a server and can be shared easily with specialists through internet., Also there's less exposure to radiation with digital radiology than with the use of traditional x-ray film.

  • Intraoral Scanners

The scanners make a 3D digital image of your oral tissues that the dental technician can make use to design a prosthesis (e. g. crowns, veneers, dentures). The prosthesis is then either milled out of a solid block of material or 3D printed.

  • Dental 3D laser printers

Dental 3D printers feature lights or lasers that polymerize a liquid or fuse a powder with the computer-guided precision required to produce small objects with intricate details. They are capable of producing models, parts and even complete restorations out of a range of materials. 


For more information on how the Launceston Dentaltown practice can make your dental procedures more relaxed, gentle and pain free, please call us at (03) 6326 4368 or click to book online. Apply for an easy pay plan here

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